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Editing, Smediting—Who Cares?
Your customers do, and probably more than you'll know. Because once they see a sloppy print product, chances are they'll toss it in the trash. Each and every print product mirrors your company, reflecting pride in what you do. If attention to detail is lacking in your promotional pieces, what are potential customers supposed to think about your products or services? Don't let misspelled words and comma splices get in the way of a good print product!

To Be or Not To Be?
People strive and visions soar. So why is your company settling for just being? Scan through your work and seek out forms of the “to be” verb, such as "has," "was," "were," "is" and "being," and replace with strong verbs that show action.

The Deadly Adverb
Adverbs are a red flag for weak verbs. Adverbs do have their place - such as in the above title - but for the most part, if you want strong writing that gets results, scan through your text and eliminate any words that end in -ly.

Eliminate the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Take a look at your writing. Words such as beautiful, good and wonderful sound like strong descriptions, but what are they really telling potential customers about your product or service? Replace with words that accurately describe what your company does, and you'll see your sales soar.

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